Wednesday, December 03, 2014

The Biggest Baddest Bubble of Them All

Gas is cheap right now. I heard on the news the other night that here in Texas gas may dip below the $2/gallon mark. Stocks are up. People believe we are coming out of the so called "Great Recession." Life seems good for many people, including all the illegal immigrants that Obama recently welcomed into the U.S.A. in flagrant violation of any sense of fairness to the millions of immigrants who are trying to go through legal processes to obtain their U.S. citizenship.

Good times may be the perception, but the reality is we're on the cusp of another huge financial bubble that is about to pop. It is the biggest, baddest bubble in all history. The U.S. Government debt has now topped $18 Trillion - with a capital "T". Most people cannot comprehend a billion, much less a trillion dollars. The fiscal irresponsibility of the U.S. Congress running something like 54 years of deficits in a row, with the short exception of a few years under Clinton, is going to eventually come home to roost.  All of that deficit spending has created a debt that cannot ever be paid, and even the interest on this debt is big enough that it will bankrupt the U.S.A. when interest rates rise.  And rise they will.  Inflation has already happened.  The Fed has already increased the money supply which is the definition of inflation.  When the Fed runs out of tactics to hide inflation, interest rates will inevitably rise.  When the $18+ Trillion in debt has to be refinanced at higher interest rates, the Ponzi scheme will become unsustainable.

This is not a problem for our grandchildren. In order to pay the interest on the debt, the Obama administration has presided over the largest inflationary actions in recorded history. The U.S. Treasury has been forced to issue $1,040,965,000,000 (that's over $1 trillion) in new debt since fiscal 2015 started just eight weeks ago in order to raise the money to pay off Treasury securities that were maturing and to cover new deficit spending by the government.  Count how many times the reporter in the video below says "train wreck." 

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