Friday, October 31, 2014

Darwinism in Perspective

Darwinism is the religious belief that all living creatures are biologically descended from a single cell primeval ancestor. I call it "religious" because I have been unable to find scientific evidence supporting this notion, and "religion" in English if often taken to mean "beliefs strongly held without proof and often contrary to evidence." Darwinism answers the ultimate questions typically addressed by religions as follows:
  1. Who are we? [An accident of nature.]
  2. Where did we come from? [The primeval slime.]
  3. What is the meaning of life? [It is meaningless.]
I was indoctrinated with the religion of Darwinism at the Presbyterian College where I majored in physics. Darwinism is the preferred religion of many scientists. I was among them. It took me a long time to extract myself from this errant belief system, a journey I've chronicled here at since 1999 and in this blog format since 2005.

Most Darwinists reject the religion label I give them. They prefer the term "secularist" or even better "evolutionist" because they can define "evolution = change" and we all know that change happens all the time. That makes it seem like their religion is indisputable science, as well-attested as gravity (their analogy). Their definition is intentionally misleading, and many people are fooled by the deception. I was.

"Christian" has two significant senses, one social, the other behavioral. Socially, it refers to anybody who claims the label, as distinguished from Muslims and Jews and pagans and assorted other traditions, without respect to actual beliefs or behavior. This is not the sort of Christian you find in the Bible. A behavioral Christian is a person who consciously and intentionally follows Jesus Christ as LORD and obeys His teachings to the best of their ability, and claims His death on the cross and subsequent resurrection as covering their failings.

It is conceivable that a behavioral Christian has not yet learned that Jesus taught the Bible as authoritative and the infallible and unerring guide to all that it teaches. I see it as my God-given responsibility to lovingly help these behavioral Christians become Biblical Christian and thereby achieve their full potential in the eyes of God because it is somewhat common that behavioral Christians have not yet studied the whole Bible as Jesus commanded, and therefore do not yet have God's answers to the ultimate questions. See my What is a Man? essay for more details, but in general these are the answers:
  1. Who are we? [Created and redeemed by God.]
  2. Where did we come from? [Adam and Eve in the Garden.]
  3. What is the meaning of life? [To love and serve God and others.]
A social "Christian" can be, and often is a Darwinist, but there is no obvious difference between social "Christians" and Muslims or pagans other than which day they go to church and whether there is a cross or a crescent or a pentagram on top of that church.

Can a behavioral Christian be a Darwinist? Yes, temporarily, but a behavioral Christian seeks to obey Jesus Christ as LORD, and therefore learns what Jesus taught and will inexorably become a Biblical Christian. There is no room for Darwinism in that teaching, and a true Christian will not be offended to learn that. Either Darwin is right and Jesus is wrong and, according to the Apostle Paul in 1st Corinthians, "we are of all people most to be pitied" because we have believed a lie, or else God (who cannot lie) has told us the truth and it is the Darwinists who are lying. I invite you to discover the truth. The Darwinists are not telling the truth, mostly because they themselves have been deceived.

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