Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Big Bang and the Bible

This 5 minute video below explains how the Big Bang theory supports a Biblical worldview. A lot of people don't know steady state theories of the universe were a reaction to the undesired implications of the Big Bang. Then again, unless you're interested in cosmology and the history of science, you might not have even heard of steady state theories of the universe. Almost everyone has heard of the Big Bang theory. Winners are immortalized. Losers are quickly forgotten.

According to astrophysicist Sarah Salviander, a research fellow in the Astronomy Department at the University of Texas at Austin:
"The steady state theory was natural product of the limited information available prior to the 1920s. It really did appear that the universe was infinitely old and unchanging. When Georges Lemaitre found a solution to Einstein's general relativity equations, he realized that the solution allowed for a universe that's finite in time. Then Hubble found evidence for an expanding universe, which also logically implied a universe with a beginning. By the 1960s, with the discovery of the cosmic microwave background, the evidence for a big bang was so overwhelming that the physics community gave up on steady state."
Steady state theories were popular with scientists because an eternal, unchanging universe allowed for the "billions of years" required for Darwinism to work its magic of "evolution." When the scientific community arrived at the consensus that the universe had a beginning, Darwinism had a serious problem. There simply isn't enough time for evolution to work, presuming it can work - which I'd argue is a false presumption - but that is another blog entry for another time. 

As a reaction to the undesired outcome of a universe with a beginning, some physicists tried to come up with an alternative theory; however, not only couldn't they get the math to work out as desired, the physical evidence discovered by Penzias and Wilson (accidentally, by the way) of the cosmic background radiation blew away steady state theories. They are now on the ash heap of failed attempts to use science to remove the possibility of God.  

Many Christians struggle with issues like Darwinian evolution, the Big Bang, and how science relates to the Bible. I used to struggle with this a lot too, but I don't so much any more.  Here's why.

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