Thursday, June 07, 2012

Richard Dawkins: A Logical Theist

In this two and a half minute video, William Lane Craig shows how self-proclaimed atheist Richard Dawkins is logically a theist. This sort of cognitive dissonance and/or intellectual dishonesty is not uncommon with the "new atheists." Ironically, Mr. Dawkins would like us to call him a "bright" instead of an atheist. Call me silly, but if someone who fancies himself as an intellectual cannot even hold a consistent world view, why would I consider him to be bright, much less *a* bright? If Dawkins wants to be a "bright" and avoid the ridicule and negative consequences of holding to the unpopular, illogical, and philosophically untenable worldview of atheism, perhaps he should openly embrace the theism he's already unwittingly acknowledging. Then he'd be truly bright and enlightened. The irony of the ill conceived "bright" movement is they totally miss or stubbornly refuse to acknowledge the True Light that could illuminate their darkened minds.

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