Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Obama Care EMS Unit

...and to answer the question on the back of this truck: "No, I don't miss Bush, 41 or 43."  George Wallace famously said "There's not a dime's worth of difference between the Republicans and Democrats."  He said that in 1968 when a dime was still worth something.  The same statement is still true, and a dime is worth far less today than in 1968.  So, I just refer to our current duopoly as the Republicrats.

On the whole, the mainline Republicrats don't have solutions to the problems facing the United States of America, and the duopoly has done a very good job of keeping good ideas out of the conversation.  Neither Romney or Obama will save us.  We need better choices at the polls, and as long as people vote to win rather than voting on principle, good ideas like those of Ron Paul will be kept out of the conversation.

We are doomed to repeat the same stupid mistakes under our current Republicrat duopoly.  So, vote for some real change.  Don't vote for either of the main parties.  Vote for truth.  If you still vote to win rather than voting on principle, wake up!  Fear of "losing" is False Evidence Appearing Real.  See past the FEAR.  Stop thinking about the "next four years" and think about your children and grandchildren.  Romney is just Obama light.  If you want real change, it starts with voting for what you believe. Otherwise, the "big tent" of duopoly politics is simply not going to change much.

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