Monday, October 27, 2008

More On Abortion...

In a recent Facebook dialog on abortion, Jenn Koontz wrote:

> Of course you didn't address my facts about other countries with
> comprehensive public sex education and multiple contraceptive
> choices having lower abortion rates, and why would you? The facts
> speak for themselves.

This is an interesting data point because the pro-life people report the opposite effect. Of course their stats are for different states of the USA, and different school districts in the same state. I don't trust *ANY* stats when we see widely divergent reports. The first order of business is to agree on the quality of the data, but Jenn didn't have the patience to get to that part of the dialog and begged out of the discussion.

In this case it might be that the other countries Jenn reports on also have a much lower culture of sex-outside-marriage than the USA. So, their abortion rate could be lower for different reasons than her stats suggest. That's why the different states in the USA, and especially different school districts in the same state are better, because the TV-driven sex culture is much more likely to be the same.

Pro-life people consistently report that unwanted pregnancy rates are directly proportional to non-abstinence sex education in schools -- both here and in Africa. I sponsor a World Vision child in the AIDS torn area of Uganda, so I'm a little bit familiar with AIDS and sex issues in Uganda. Uganda has been one of the only countries reporting reduced AIDS and also the only country teaching ABC = Abstinance Before Condoms. Jenn needs to address that data somehow.

Finally, people with Pro-Choice political views need to wake up and smell the coffee. The Pro-Choice agenda is driven by Pro-Abortion people who are effectively racist. Abortions are heavily targeted to Black communities, with the result that black abortion rates are (I think, check this fact) some 3 times higher per capita than white.

Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood explicitly intended to use it to eliminate racial minorities, and their policies even today show that intent is being carried out. And it's working! Hispanics, whose Catholic dogma forbids abortion, now outnumber people of African descent in the USA.