Saturday, May 31, 2008

Big Bang Bunk

I was googling around for information on another topic when I came across a web page written by Pastor Ken Silva which states:
The Big Bang theory, in it's simplest form, teaches that within a vacuum, a series of elements eventually interacted in such a way, somewhere in the neighborhood of 20 billion years ago (and this time frame keeps "evolving" backward itself), that they exploded into the universe that we can now see.
The BB theory does not say the universe exploded into a vacuum, but this is a common misapprehension of people who do not understand the theory. A vacuum exists, yet the BB theory says the universe sprang into existence from a singularity out of non-existence. This is surprisingly identical to the creation ex nihilo explanation of origins we find in Genesis. Ironically, this is a much better argument for fiat creation, the very point Pastor Silva is apparently trying to make!

Additionally, Pastor Silva makes a parenthetical straw man comment claiming BB proponents argue for an increasingly old universe. This is patently false. Prior to the BB theory most educated people thought the universe had no beginning (i.e. that it was eternal). In fact, the BB theory was so offensive to naturalist scientific sensibilities that physicists tried to explain it away with ideas like the Steady State Theory. However, the preponderance of evidence has blown away these competing theories leaving us with the very interesting idea that the universe did indeed have a beginning.

Current scientific thinking dates the universe at a relatively young ~14 billion solar years, at least 25% younger than what the pastor portrays his adversaries as claiming. Pastor Silva's accusation is contrary to the actual claims of science which makes him look disingenuous or ignorant. I trust this man is a better pastor than scientist! Perhaps his error is from ignorance (which is excusable), so I emailed Pastor Silva with the hope he'd correct the errors on his web page.

We Christians really should do better in presenting the truth if we hope to win the hearts and minds of intelligent, thinking people. At the very least we should be honest. I'm hopeful the good pastor will agree and revise his web page.


  1. Your straining at gnats. Dr. Duane Gish from the Institute for Creation Research:

    "The Big Bang theory concerning the origin of the universe was spawned about 50 years ago, and soon became the dogma of the evolutionary establishment..."

    "According to the Big Bang theory, some 10 to 20 billion years ago, all of the matter and energy of the universe was compressed into a cosmic egg, or plasma ball, consisting of sub-atomic particles and radiation. Nobody knows where the cosmic egg came from, or how it got there -- it was just there. For some equally inexplicable reason, the cosmic egg exploded."

  2. Based on the comment above, Pastor Silva still doesn't understand the Big Bang theory nor its positive implications for fiat creation. Pity.