Thursday, November 15, 2007

SeekTruth Forum Guidelines

If you desire more interaction than comments on a blog, please consider subscribing to the SeekTruth Email Discussion Forum which is hosted on Yahoo!Groups. We use these guidelines in the forum:


1. Do not send attachments to the list.
(They are automatically deleted anyway.)

2. Do not change the subject line if you are
replying in a discussion thread unless you
are diverging the discussion

3. Please DO use a descriptive subject line when
starting a new discussion thread.

4. Only quote the relevant parts of prior messages.
Delete extraneous text at the bottom of your reply.

5. Use a signature with no more than few lines.

6. For readability, put a blank line between your
comments and a quote from a prior message.

7. Do not post excessively. Take time to reflect.

8. Be concise. Lengthy posts are discouraged.

9. Do not post email forwards or cross post from other lists.

10. Treat others in the same manner you expect to be treated.

These "Five Premises" of the moderator guide our truth seeking discussions:

A. Objective truth and objective reality exist.
B. Some objective truth is knowable.
C. All knowable truth can be expressed in natural language.
D. Some declarative statements in natural language are true.
E. Logic is reliable for determining the consistency of any 2 declarative statements.

If you agree with these Five Premises, you're welcome on SeekTruth. If you disagree with these premises, we'd like to hear your reasons why.

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