Monday, June 04, 2007

Blind Squirrel Finds Nut

This 15 minute video is a great example of a rational, educated, and logical discussion about what really happened on 9/11/2001:

I found this clip from a BBC show on the Google Video site for the Netherlands. Sadly, the USA mainstream media almost never broadcasts information like this. And when it does strange things happen.

When Rosie talked about 9/11 she got cheers from the audience, but a few weeks later she left The View. Makes me wonder if there is any relationship between her leaving the show and the rampant censoring in the USA mainstream media. She says she was going to bring physicists from Harvard or Yale onto the show, but now that she is gone she cannot make good on the promise. Also note at the very beginning of the clip the brunette clues in that the USA is now an imperialist superpower. Welcome to reality! Even the girls on the view understand what is going on in our country. I wish conservative Christians would dig their heads out of the sand.

For the record, I cannot stand Rosie O'Donnell, and I disagree with her on just about everything she says. However, even a blind squirrel can find a nut when it is put in front of her face.

Why are people afraid to question the official story's obvious problems and get to the bottom of this controversy? Don't we at least owe the people who died the common courtesy of discovering the truth about this horrible attack?


  1. What about the popular mechanics structural study? It is pretty clear given the heat and flaws in building the structure, or I should say cost savings measures makes it clear what happend to the building. It was not the steel itself but the torque and heat at the retaining structures that gave way. Leverage is very powerful. I lived in Saudi Arabia and have friends in Eygpt and have a very good worldly view of the positions and theories spread among that side of the world. We as Americans love conspiracy look at J.F.K the best of all conspiracy theories still going strong. One guy killed a president and we have chaos and theories run rampid. Gossip sells and if there is money in it, the sky on conspiracy is the limit.
    I can not proove how a madman or a geniuos accomplished a mission from a cave but the why and how is debated endlessly. Osama had a grudge against the royal family and he put the U.S. who betrayed his middle east efforts at fault. Yes we paid for extreme groups to cause chaos when it was needed. The middle east still uses this method against its neigbors. His main goal of causing a U.S. Saudi war(monetary) failed but the outcome was greater than he imagined. Just another view from a man living in a cave causing world chaos.

  2. The Popular Mechanics article has been thoroughly debunked here.