Friday, March 30, 2007

Capital Punishment

A friend of mine forwarded me this short message:
Subject: Iran's stoning 2005!
This is a country that still lives in the 1600's.....
Link to Amnesty International Article on Stoning in Iran
I'm not sure why he picked the 1600's. It doesn't matter if it is 1600 BC, 1600 AD, or 2007. Capital punishment is perfectly fine with God. He invented it, and God's laws are timeless unless he rescinds them. Capital punishment is Biblical, and the means to carry it out given by God is stoning. Some people might think this is barbaric, but on what grounds? Who are you to judge God? Here's what my friend replied with when I emailed him back my thoughts on the Biblical foundation of capital punishment.
Yes - I know the basis but to say they are living in a civilized world today would be a stretch! And that they also condone the practice of cutting out people's tongues is also quite barbaric...
Now, since cutting out tongues is not Biblical (unless you want to push that eye-for-an-eye verse to an absurd extreme), I would agree that this practice might be barbaric. However, capital punishment is God's idea, and I think it is a good and proper part of the justice system for today's world. If we decide it is more "humane" to inject them rather than stone them, then I won't quibble over the implementation details. The good news is that God also has a solution for the sin problem through the grace of Jesus Christ. So, while there should be consequences for evil actions, we should be more concerned about saving the souls of criminals than their lives.

The real hypocrisy and injustice here is that the people who are against the death penalty for perpetrators of violent crimes are often the very same people who are very much in favor of the death penalty for innocent unborn babies. The link my friend sent me above is from Amnesty International. Here's another link explaining that Amnesty International has now decided that baby killing is a "human right" that should be available on demand. Hmmm, that does not compute. Infanticide is good, but capital punishment is bad? Talk about illogic! What hypocrites!!

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