Sunday, January 01, 2006

Intelligent Design is Good Science

I'm growing increasingly frustrated by the lack of intelligence among educated people when it comes to the topic of Intelligent Design (ID) as a theory of origins. Recently in Pennsylvania, federal Judge John Jones concluded that ID is not science. Judge Jones should stick to law because he doesn't know beans about science. Judge Jones essentially blackballed the teaching of ID under the stupid contention that it was a violation of church and state.

Intelligent Design is not, as it is ignorantly believed by Judge Jones, where we draw a box around all our scientific understanding to date and say, 'Everything outside this box we can explain only by invoking God's will.'" ID is not about "God's will" at all. ID is the scientific observation that information is being used to build a system with functional behavior that cannot be described solely on the basis of the physical properties of its components.

We see and identify Intelligent Design around us all the time. Every instance of it is either the known and provable result of intelligent (human) agents acting to cause a result that cannot occur in nature, or else a component of living beings. Forensic scientists use this scientific methodology all the time, as popularized on TV shows like CSI.

ID is not about knowing the mind of God. It is a scientific observation that opens up avenues of scientific investigation: "Wow! Here is a phenomenon that is not the result of the physical properties of its components, yet it works! I want to study how." Scientists like Isaac Newton and Johannes Kepler and many other physicists believe that God wants it that way -- and then set out to understand what God did and how it works. That is true science.

(You can thank President Bush for appointing this judge to the federal bench.)

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